Bargaining with a child………………

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And if you ever tell your father that I have bought another “Chloe” handbag your life will not be worth living………… we understand each other?

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From an Oxfordshire garden…………….


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More themes……………….

Traffic Police Theme Music: Autobahn by Krafwerk

Traffic Police Theme Music: Autobahn by Krafwerk

After a meeting with my psycholgy colleague this morning we came up with some more theme songs / music after a lengthy breakfast over bacon and egg sandwiches and lots of cappuccinos, so here goes……….I would point out that the more dodgy and risque ones are the ones my colleague came up with:-

Speech Therapist                             Um, um, um , um, um, um ( Major Lance )

Gardener                                          Good yeasr for the roses ( George Jones )

Marriage Guidance Counsellor         Youve lost that lovin feeling ( Righteous Brothers )  

Makeup Artist                                    Forever young ( Bob Dylan )

Positive Psychologist                         I feel fine ( Cream)

Opthalmologists                                 I can see for miles ( The Byrds )

Translators                                         Don’t let me be misunderstood ( The Animals )

Urologists                                           Burning love ( Elvis Presley)

Druids                                                 A pagan place ( The Waterboys )

Lifecoach                                           I can change ( John Legend )

Pig Farmer                                          I loves you porg(k)y ( Nina Simone )

Scaffholders                                       If I fell ( The Beatles )

Chicken Plucker                                 Little red rooster ( Howlin Wolf )

Spiritualist                                          You raise me up ( Josh Groban )

F1 Driver                                            Life in the fast lane ( The Eagles)

So endeth the list for today………….but do doubt there will be more to come!

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Another study proves link between music education and the brain………………


A study carried out at Boston Children’s Hospital has revealed that those who are trained in music from a young age for two years or more benefit from improved executive brain function.

The results, published in the journal PLOS ONE, show that the part of the brain responsible for cognitive processes such as problem solving, behaviour regulation and the processing and retention of information was more active in the musically trained individuals.

Senior study investigator Nadine Gaad, PhD, says ‘Since executive functioning is a strong predictor of academic achievement, even more than IQ, we think our findings have strong educational implications’

She continued: ‘While many schools are cutting music programs and spending more and more time on test preparation, our findings suggest that musical training may actually help to set up children for a better academic future.’

For the study, a group of 15 musically trained children aged 9 to 12 were compared with a control group of 12 children of the same age. Two groups of adults, divided into professional- and non-musicians were also compared.

Gaab added ‘Our results may have implications for children and adults who are struggling with executive functioning, such as children with ADHD or [the] elderly. Future studies have to determine whether music may be utilised as a therapeutic intervention tool for these children and adults.’

Researchers have noted that children who study music already have strong executive function, something that initially caused their attraction to, and perseverance with, music. They hope to establish whether musical training influences executive function or vice-versa in future studies, following children over time and assigning them to musical training at random.

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More theme tunes…………..


Yesterday I started listing theme tunes I thought would be appropriate to various professional, vocational or special interest groups in society……… psychologist friend suggested that “Crazy” would be a better theme for his particlar professional group. But here a re a few more




Fire Service               Fire (the Crazy World of Arthur Brown)

Prisoners in Jail         Please Release Me (Englebert Humperdink)

Magician                    Magic Moments (Perry Como)

Joiner                         Knock on Wood (Eddie Floyd)

Meteorologist              A hard rain’s a-gonna fall (Bob Dylan)

Pharmacist                 Love is a drug (Bryan Ferry)

Zookeeper                  I go ape (Neil Sedaka)

Naval Architects         Shipbuilding (Robert Wyatt)

Athlete                        Keep on running (Spencer Davis Group)

Anesthetist                  Oxygen (Jean Michel Jarre)

Gambler                      Tumbling Dice (Rolling Stones)

Physiotherapist            Bend me, shape me (Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky Mick& Tich)

Prosthetist                    Wide eyed and legless (Andy Fairweather-Low)

Ornithologist                 Free bird ( Lynyrd Skynyrd)

Dentist                          Can’t smile without you (Barry Manilow)

Satanist                        666 The number of the beast (Iron maiden)

More to follow……………………….

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Now thats what I call a salad………………..



A Chinese family have created a whole new spin on baby leaf salad – by actually putting their child in a serving bowl and covering him with leaves.

Mother Qu Yuan said the stunt was just for fun, and made the family laugh so much it gave them all stomach ache.
Thankfully, there was food other than baby salad to sort out this problem.
‘He tried to get up, but he was too young to get up himself,’ she said. ‘We laughed so hard before taking him out.’





























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Theme Songs / Music for Professions………………….

In todays modern world many people like to form themselves into groups and the “Professions” are no exception. Moreover, virtually every kind of work group now has its own professional group, trade association or some other representative body that speaks on their behalf.


It does strike me that each vocational group should have its own theme song or piece of music and this set me thinking. So in no particular order I have come up with the following:-

Career Consultants                I’m on the road to nowhere (Talking Heads)

Builders                                  Concrete and clay (Unit 4+2)

Royal Navy                              I am sailing (Rod Stewart)

IT Consultants                         OK Computer (Radiohead)

Psychologists                          It’s only make believe (Conway Twitty)

Teachers                                 Schools out (Alice Cooper)

Quantum Theorists                  Mathematics (I am Kloot)

Astronauts                               Fly me to the moon (Frank Sinatra)

Street Cleaners                       Dust my broom (Elmore James)

Royal Air Force                       Jet (Paul McCartney) or Dam Busters March

Funeral Directors                    Whiter shade of pale (Procol Harum)

Circus Clowns                         Send in the clowns (Judy Collins)

Lawyers                                  Theme from “Jaws”

Vicars                                      I’m a believer (The Monkeys)

Priests                                     Temptation (Heaven 17)

Nuns                                        Sisters of mercy (Leonard Cohen)

Jewellers                                 Shine on you crazy diamond (Pink Floyd)

Wine Merchants                      Little old wine drinker me (Dean Martin)

Spiritualists                              Ghost town (Specials and Fun Boy Three)

Counsellors                             Do you want to know a secret (Billy J Kramer)

Train Drivers                            Long train running (Doobie Brothers)

Nurses                                     Everybody hurts (R.E.M.)

Tax Collectors                         Taxman (The Beatles)

Psychotherapists                     Always look on the bright side of life (Monty Python)

Marxist Revolutionaries           The revolution will not be televised (Gil-Scott Heron)

Ballroom Dancers                   Save the last dance for me (The Drifters)

Indian Restauranteurs             Kashmir (Led Zeppelin)

I will leave you with these to ruminate over and no doubt you will come up with your own ideas (probably much better than mine)……………but I will return to continue the list at a later date,

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