Stupid Job Interview Questions

thI am a member of various “interest groups” on Linked in and find many of the discussion topics interesting, sometimes surprising, often enlightening and occasionally fundamentally challenge some of my “set”  ideas. A recent discussion topic on one board was about the “unusual” questions asked at job interviews by recruiters.

Amongst those that were submitted by contributors were the following:-

  1. “If I was a bed, could you sell me a dog?”
  2. “What kind of car do you drive?”
  3. “How would you sell a refrigerator to an eskimo?”
  4. “If you were a sweet what sweet would you be?”
  5. “Tell me a joke’.
  6. “How many tyres are there in the world?”
  7. “How wet is a cow?”
  8. “What are your vices?”

I don’t know about you but I find most of the questions above weird, perverse and outright ridiculous save for Q3, which could possibly be used for a sales position.

As regards Q8, I think it is highly offensive and if I was on the receiving end of such a question would simply ask, “what relevance are my vices to my capacity to do the job?” Moreover, any professional HR manager present would step in and stop the candidate from answering the question, ask them to withdraw from the room for 5 minutes then challenge the questioner on the appropriateness and relevance of the question.

Interviewers who go around asking what they deem to be “left field” questions should be asked quite bluntly “what is you job as an interviewer?” The response should be “to create a climate where a candidate can give of their best”…………NOT play silly power games.

I stress to many clients I coach for job interviews “never assume the person interviewing you is competent, they are often there because of position, status or politics………or a combination of all three”

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