Pleasant Saturday afternoon in old Glasgow town…………..

Just got back from a trip to Glasgow to see some friends and whilst I was up there it was suggested that I attend a wine tasting of Rioja wines on the Saturday afternoon at “Inverarity One to One” Wines. We had been told that one of the “head honchos” from Campillo Wines was flying in to lead the tasting…………


Pete & Andy “leading” the tasting………………………….

Not being one to pass up a wine opportunity I accompanied  my host to the above shop and as ever made welcome by our hosts (and who run the shop) Pete Stewart and Andy Bell. Unfortunately the “head honcho”from Campillo Wines had missed his flight from London to Glasgow so at the last minute Pete had to step in to host the tasting session.

He did an excellent job although he did admit that his knowledge of the wines to be tasted was limited (honesty is always the best policy)…………all this was forgotten as we got down to the serious business of tasting the eight wines on the table.

Personally, I found the wines a bit of a mixed bag in that I have never been a fan of Rose wines although the Campillo Rosada was a pleasant enough drink. The question I always ask myself is “if I was spending £10.00 on a bottle of wine would I spend it on a rose?”……the answer is inevitably no, I would always go for a red and for £10.00 you can get excellent “New World” reds from such places as Argentina and Chile.

Of all the wines we tasted the Campillo Gran Reserva 2001 was the classiest, but at £26.99 a bottle it should be!

The best value in the whole tasting for me was the Campillo Reserva 2006 at £14.99 a bottle, it had a softness, fruitiness and warmth about it.


The whole tasting was informal, educative and not without its lighter moments of humour.

Inevitably when the formal tasting was completed and we had voted on the “best wine” and “best value for money” wine,  members of the tasting group felt a moral obligation to finish off the opened bottles and as they say “a good time was had by all”

I have now attended three of these tasting on my infrequent visits to Glasgow and always come away a little wiser having enjoyed the company of like-minded wine enthusiasts.

Thank you to my host Colin who arranged for me to attend and for his generosity in the wines he put on the table during my stay………………..

*Inverarity One to One Wines can be found at

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