Photography, and how an interest can become a passion.

I have always been interested in photography for as long as I can remember and my first camera was a Kodak Brownie 127. I even won a competition at school for a photograph I had taken of the Menai Bridge in North Wales ……but never actually got the prize, which rankles to this day!


However, it is only in later life that my interest has turned to an obsession about taking photographs. This has somewhat tied in with the age of “digital” photography

A few years ago I bought a small “bridge” camera on the recommendation of a friend of mine, a Panasonic Lumix DZ45 and was amazed at the quality of the photos it produced. With a 24x optical zoom and more importantly a Leica lens it quickly became a best seller.

A little later I indulged myself and bought a “sexy” little red Nikon L120 coolpix at an almost giveaway price. With a Nikor lens and 21x optical zoom this became a constant companion on my trips abroad.


Someone did ask me why I needed two bridge cameras which were very similar, to which I replied “you have to distinguish between need and want”………..and I wanted both.

Last November I decided to take the plunge and go for a digital SLR but which one?

I spent weeks researching different models (my budget was about £500.00) and visiting my local Jessops camera shop where the guy in the shop showed endless patience with me and excellent customer serviced (even after my third visit).


Finally, I took the plunge and bought a Nikon D5100 and have been very pleased with its performance, I have had some stunning night shots. I am still getting to know all the technical capabilities of the camera but it is so easy to use and on my last trip to Lithuania in February 2013 I took some excellent shots with it.

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