The ulitimate in cool…………….(or naff!)

 On my last visit to London I was doing some window browsing in some of the more upmarket shops around Bond Street and Regent Street and a couple of thoughts struck me:

  1. How do retailers justify the outrageous prices for some of their goods?
  2. Who actually buys such items?

 However, I came across a menswear shop which, had something for “the man who has everything.”


I looked at this item and immediately thought “I know just the man for this”

Yes it is a pair of leather gloves with a dainty little pocket for your I Pod or more likely your I Phone and costs a mere £74.95 ……..a snip of a bargain!

 Whether any man would have “the bottle” to wear such an item is open to question.

I leave it to you to judge………………… 

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2 Responses to The ulitimate in cool…………….(or naff!)

  1. Mike says:

    Sure it’s not designed to facilitate picking your nose?


  2. kindadukish says:

    I think you may have just latched onto a new USP for this item.


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