Broadband, Call Centres and Losing the Will to Live……………….

I have been having trouble with my broadband connection so yesterday I rang BT my internet provider yesterday.

logo_81x38First of all I got through to someone at BT Infinity who was very helpful and was trying to convince me to upgrade my broadband package. I said I would think about it but mentioned a technical problem I was having with broadband.

He suggested I ring customer services as he felt that I may need a new “hub” and that they would provide one free.

2012-imac215-step1-hero-1I then rang the said department, explained my problem, had a discussion and then was told that they could not deal with it as it was a “technical” problem and they said they would put me through to the technical department.

Sure enough, a young man came onto the line (with a strong Indian accent) and proceeded to go through a series of checks about my telephone line. After about 15 minutes he said he would have to do some further checks but would ring me back later in the day.

220px-Callcentre Unfortunately, he did not ring me back. So I had spent the best part of 45 minutes on the phone, spoken to three different people but did not appear to be any further forward in resolving my problem.

This morning I tried ringing the technical people again. Again a very nice young man (with Indian accent) answered my call and said he would do everything to help me. I asked why his colleague from yesterday had not rung me back as promised and he said he didn’t know and he could not check as his colleague was based in Calcutta and he was in Mumbai.

He then went through a prolonged series of checks relating to my phone line and eventually decided he would need to send an engineer out to investigate.

He said he had to read a prepared script to me about the engineers visit, which I agreed to but also requested a copy of the script me sent to me by e-mail so that I had a record of what had been agreed. He said he could not do this but couldn’t explain why.

u15236379 I asked to speak to a senior manager so he went away and returned after about 10 minutes (by this time I had been on the phone over 55 minutes) and said they would send the e-mail.

I then asked why he had told me initially that he could not send the e-mail but now apparently could.

Eventually, after a long silence he explained that his manager had to go and consult a more senior manager who had agreed to the e-mail.

I  apologized for getting angry with him and asked was he a university graduate” to which he replied “yes”

I then said to him “you are a very bright and intelligent young man, well qualified and doing a professionally responsible job yet your managers will not let you exercise any discretion about your actions in dealing with customers……please feed my comments back to the appropriate people.”


So after 30 minutes on the phone yesterday and a further 60 minutes today, speaking to 4 different people in 4 departments I have now managed to arrange for a technical engineer to visit to test my line.

SURELY, there has got to be an easier more customer friendly way of handling what I would consider a fairly simple enquiry.

I have been with BT since I joined the internet in 1998 but there are times they really try my patience………..and this has been one of them.

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