Climate Change: we really don’t need to waste all this money

Climate Change: we really don’t need to waste all this money

By  (Daily Telegraph)

Yeah, yeah. Whatever

“Don’t just do something: stand there!” Ronald Reagan was fond of telling overactive functionaries. The same rules apply to the climate change industry: trillions of dollars squandered, vast forces mobilised, public anxieties worked up to fever pitch – all to no useful purpose whatsoever.

That’s why – belatedly: there really isn’t much time left – I’m urging you to support this hugely worthwhile new film project being organised by Lord Monckton. The aim of the 50 to 1 project is to raise enough money to collate a series of interviews with the likes of Jo Nova, Anthony Watts, David Evans, Fred Singer and Vaclav Klaus, which will then be edited into a short, punchy film. It will demonstrate that no matter where you stand on the “science” of climate change the measures currently being used to deal with the “problem”  are hugely expensive and counterproductive.

Even if the IPCC is right, and even if climate change IS happening and it IS caused by man, we are STILL better off adapting to it as it happens than we are trying to ‘stop’ it.  ‘Action’ is 50 times more expensive than ‘adaptation’, and that’s a conclusion which is derived directly from the IPCC’s own predictions and formulae!

There’s so much rubbish out there on the internet produced by lavishly funded Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and WWF activists, junk scientists, rent-seeking corporatists and EU- and UN-funded environmental bodies.

Time we hit back with the thing these eco-loons hate most: cold hard facts.


I have posted this article from the Daily Telegraph as a reposte to all those “we have to save the world” doom mongers. The climate is changing, but then again it has always changed, but a whole industry has been built around the so called human cause of the change. The BBC denied access for years to those who disagreed with the “climate change” model so beloved of FOE, Greenpeace and other similar self interest groups.

There is a fascinating interview conducted by Richard Bacon on his R5 show with James Dellingpole about climate change where Bacon decribes Dellingpole as a “climate change denier” but later amends it to sceptic.

What follows is a “car crash” interview where Bacon makes a complete arse of himself by admitting that he has not read the book Dellingpole has written (and has been invited on to the show to discuss) and gets flayed alive by Dellingpole undoing the sweeping generalisations that Bacon keeps making (adhering strictly to the BBC mantra that climate change is man made) about climate change and it being supported by scientific research.

If you have a spare 20 minutes have a listen to the interview on Youtube (link provided).

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1 Response to Climate Change: we really don’t need to waste all this money

  1. How can anyone take Richard Bacon seriously after his love-in, sorry interview, with Gordon Brown’s wife. I stopped listening to Radio 5 until after 1600 because of him


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