Bordeaux……… of delights

P1010682Last year I was persuaded to go to Bordeaux for a weeks holiday, rather reluctantly I agreed to go  as I am not a big fan of the French and my last encounter with France was a nightmare experience at CDG airport as I was trying to make my way to Tel Aviv in Israel.

P1010370We arrived at Bordeaux airport and caught the airport shuttle into the city centre and found that the apartment was right in the city centre opposite the opera house and handy for visiting every part of the city.

P1010579Dining out was an experience in that the food was par excellance and the customer service could not be faulted. I got into discussion about this issue with a bistro owner and said that my experience was at odds to many who have visited Paris and received surly and indifferent service.

P1010514She explained that Paris and Bordeaux are like two different countries with different cultures and that there is no love lost between them. As Bordeaux has developed people realised that they had to compete to attract tourists and they have done this magnificently.

Of course you have the cafe society and it is pleasure just to wander around this beautiful and historic city. Or jump on a train and go out to Bergerac or St Emilion, two key wine growing areas but a word of warning, Bergerac is full of English families often three generations together, out there for the summer.

P1010461Stroll along the banks of the Garonne River and watch the sun go down or better still sit down at a river front cafe and sip a nice cold glass of a good Bordeax white wine.

The city has so much to offer as do the surrounding areas, so if you have never visited put it on your “bucket list.”

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