Bernardinu Parkas………….and Fountains of Light

It was my last night in Vilnius and my colleague suggested that we go down to Bernardinu Parkas in Uzupis as there was going to be a water display with lights and music.DSC_0815


So around 7.45 we wandered down to the park where quite a number of people had already gathered to see the water display………….many of them with young children who were running around and getting very excited at what was about to happen.


At exactly 8.00pm the water display started and for the next 45 minutes I stood and watched the wonderful display of water, shimmering colours and music.



The music was a pretty eclectic combination of Lithuanian pop music and popular pieces from musicals and operas (so I was reliably informed by my colleague!).


As the water display progressed the young children got very excited…………and many of the adults present were very impressed with the whole effect created (applause followed each section of the display).


It was a pleasure to attend the display and I wondered if anything like this happened back in the UK. Then I though almost certainly not, as the park would be inhabited by undesirables and the fountain would probably have been vandalized.


But here, I sensed a feeling of community and families doing things together………..not just sat in front of a TV screen or computer.



So, thank you to the authorities who arranged the display, it was a credit to the city of Vilnius.

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5 Responses to Bernardinu Parkas………….and Fountains of Light

  1. mikethepsych says:

    Wonderful pictures; wish I’d been there


  2. kindadukish says:

    Thank you for re-blogging, I try very hard to publicise the wonderful city of Vilnius (having visited 29 times) and all that it has to offer.


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