Saules Kapines………… of tranquility and rest.

My friend and colleague Antanas took me to see a cemetery just outside the city centre of Vilnius.



Travelling by bus we alighted at Šv. Apaštalų Petro ir Povilo Bažnyčia just opposite the British Embassy and then made our way to one of the sixteen cemeteries that are linked to the church (so Antanas reliably informed me).



The purpose of the journey was for me to take photographs in the old cemetery, yes I know it is a strange place to go to take photographs but then again we photographers can be rather odd and eccentric people.



I had my new Nikon Digital SLR D5100 at the ready when Antanas produced an old bakelite camera from his bag. It must have been 30 years old and of course took the old style film roll. As our journey through the beautiful cemetery progressed I discovered that he had three further cameras in his bag, all of which were very old (I later discovered that he had a collection of 60 cameras………………and has no furniture in his home as all the space is taken up by his cameras.


I am posting a few of the shots that I took on the day and hope you enjoy them


A huge thanks to Antanas who indulged my interest in cemeteries and we are now planning a trip to photograph the decaying old industrial sites in Vilnius on my next trip to the country.

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2 Responses to Saules Kapines………… of tranquility and rest.

  1. mikethepsych says:

    Another superb set of photos. The pix are very evocative and I think the leaves add a touch of warmth. Would be a different vibe in Winter I think


  2. mikethepsych says:

    Reblogged this on Man patinka Lietuva and commented:
    Just a reminder on Halloween that graveyards aren’t necessarily ghoulish


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