The Grand Courtyard of Vilnius University and Church of St. Johns.

Surely one of the most beautiful universities anywhere in the world. On my last visit to the university I took the opportunity to wander around and take some photos on what was a beautiful day.


Tourists mixed with the students on the site and there was a real buzz around the place as the “freshers” were still getting used to the university.


I saw a group of students dressed rather unusually in yellow t-shirts and with faces painted being led up Pilis gt by a number of other conventionally dressed students.



My friend and colleague Renata informed me that this was “baptism” for new students to welcome them to the university (or I think that is what she said but I may have misinterpreted the word).


Anyway, they seemed to be in a boisterous mood and fully entering into the tradition of the university ( a bit different from the legendary drunken antics of students at British universities in “freshers week”).


The grand courtyard is magnificent and should be on the “must visit” list of anyone coming to Vilnius. I think there is a nominal charge of 5 litas (about £1.00) for entry to the site although I managed to blagg my way in as I explained that I was lecturing at the university later in the week.

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5 Responses to The Grand Courtyard of Vilnius University and Church of St. Johns.

  1. kindadukish says:

    That is very kind of you to say so. I was reading your blog about the disruption of the gay pride march in Vilnius and I think I am as appalled as you at some of the bigotry and homophobia on display. As I blogged recently, it is not what I expect from such a cultured country and educated people…………..but then again religion rears its ugly head and has a massive sway on such matters. Fortunately, I have met quite a number of Lithuanians who have a more open minded view of what is defined as normal or acceptable.


  2. Looks stunning. I completely missed this when I visited Vilnius. Is it in the old town?


  3. kindadukish says:

    Yes, it is about 5 mins walk from Pilies g………….there are signposts for the university dotted along Pilies g……………do visit if you go back to Vilnius.


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