West Pennines……..Dark, Foreboding Landscape…….or Place of Austere beauty?

Yesterday morning I awoke to dark grey skies and heavy rain. Looking across the valley from where I live all I could see was low cloud and not even the TV transmitter at the top of Holme Moss could be seen.


West Yorkshire on days like yesterday can appear a very bleak place and not one that anyone would choose as a place to live.


 I moved to West Yorkshire just over 20 years ago because of changing jobs after having spent 13 years living very happily in Sheffield in South Yorkshire. Sheffield became my adopted home and I fell in love with the place and even more so because it gave me access to the wonderful scenery of the Peak District.


Moving to West Yorkshire was a bit of a culture shock and partihave finally accepted that they have their own kind of “austere” beauty.


Anyway, back to yesterday………..just after lunchtime the skies started to clear and the sun appeared so I thought I would drive up onto the hills and take some photographs.


I stopped at several places to “shoot” and tried to capture the beauty of the hills and valleys and in particular the rapidly changing light conditions. One minute there would be a clear sky and the next, dark foreboding clouds would drift into view………the colours were stunning.


As to the beauty of the place, I leave you make your own judgment from the photographs I have included here.

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