The Jumping Bridge


This is the bridge across the M62 motorway in West Yorkshire


This is the view from the bridge across the motorway and which gives you some idea of the height.


This is the sign attached to the bridge over the motorway.

This morning I went out to take some photographs as it was such a nice day. I decided to head for the highest bridge over the M62 motorway as I thought I could get some nice shots from there. I parked the car and walked across the bridge when I came across this sign attached to one side of the bridge to try to deter people (and offer help) from jumping from the bridge to commit suicide.

The bridge has become “notorious” for people jumping from the bridge into oncoming traffic which usually results in instant death.

I had personal experience of such a tragedy a couple of years ago when returning one Saturday afternoon from Manchester and as we approached the bridge the traffic slowed for what appeared to be “something’ lying in the middle lane of the motorway.

The traffic continued moving and as I passed the object I couldnt really make out what it was. It had obviously only just happened because cars were trying to pull onto the hard shoulder of the motorway but I was in a flow of traffic in the outside lane and couldn’t stop. I subsequently discovered from the local press that it was a man who had thrown himself off the bridge.

In the last couple of years there have been a number of other “jumpers” and hence the sign for the Samaritans to try to encourage anyone with suicidal thoughts to seek help.

One can only reflect on how bad the state of someones mind must be to consider such an act and how desperate they must feel.

A sombre thought in these difficult times.

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