O Ye’ll tak the high road and I’ll tak the low road……………..

I have just spent a long weekend in Glasgow visiting friends and have seen both sides of the coin with the weather.

Saturday was absolutely grim, torrential rain resulting in many roads being flooded and restricting the opportunity for me to get out with my camera to take photographs.


Instead, my Saturday afternoon was spent with my friend Fiona who showed me how to make a banana and walnut cake. The results of which were outstanding and indeed I have brought large slice of the cake back to West Yorkshire with me………..however, I was quizzed by the Scottish border guards about the reason for the cakes transportation!


Fortunately, Sunday was a much better day and we travelled up to Loch Lomond, which I had never visited but had always been very keen to do so.


We arrived to a local rain shower and then the skies cleared to reveal a wonderful view of the Loch and even more impressive were the snow capped mountain of Ben Lomond.


The sun kept catching the snow-capped peak making it look even whiter, then suddenly the sun would disappear behind clouds and the peak crept into shadow.


The trees along the Loch shoreline were still in full autumnal colours and were a sight to behold………..I can appreciate now why people come here as tourists.

If you have never been to Loch Lomond I do recommend that you put it on your list of “places to visit”………..you will not be disappointed.


And just as an added incentive there are a  couple of whisky distilleries on the road from Glasgow to Loch Lomond……..need I say more!

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