The Last Shades of Autumn……………..

All the indications this morning were that is was going to be a beautiful day, so I made the decision that today would be a photographic outing to try and capture the last colours of autumn.

DSC_0098Despite it being late November there are still leaves on many of the tress and those that have fallen have created a carpet of beautiful colours.


So camera at the ready I set out to visit one of my favourite places, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park at West Bretton in West Yorkshire.


I arrived in West Bretton Village about 9.15am, parked the car and walked through the village down to the Sculpture Park which does not officially open until 10.ooam, but no one seemed to mind me wandering through the park camera at the ready.

DSC_0118Many of the volunteers who support the park were around doing different jobs including two gentlemen blowing leaves together and then collecting them to be taken away.


There was still frost on the grass in many parts of the park as the early morning sun had not risen high enough in the sky to get at these parts.


The trees were beautiful and the subtle changes in colour and shade were a sight to behold. The other thing I noticed was the relative silence as I appeared to be the only visitor in the park at such an early hour………….well, except for the calls of the large flock of Canada geese which were in residence near the lake.

After a walk alongside the lake I made my way back to the YSP Centre to drink a very welcome cappuccino and a piece of the excellent flapjack and just say back for about 30 minutes taking in the view.


As I was leaving the centre a large group of very excited children had just arrived and were being taken on a tour of the park (lucky kids) and what a day for it!


I have written about the park on previous occasions and I believe it is a national treasure…………..if you have never been then do go, even in winter it has an austere impressiveness and when the snow falls it adopts a transcendental beauty.

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