Golcar, Pennine Village…………….

After my visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park yesterday I drove to Slaithwaite to get my loaf from the Handmade Bakers and as I drove along the A62 I looked up at the hillside and saw the village in which I live framed against the hillside.

DSC_0163Again, many of the trees were still in full colour and it is times like this when I realise that I live in a beautiful part of the country. Yes it can be bleak and barren in winter (and don’t get me going about dicing with death on the cobbled streets when the snow comes) but in summer we have magnificent views across the valley…………..and you think “this is why I live here”


When I tell people I live in the Huddersfield area they usually smile and say things like “it must be very nice there”…….the sub text being “grimy northern town.”

Well yes, we do have our industrial heritage based on the old woollen industry but people who come to visit are often taken aback by the beauty of the surrounding area.


And of course we have Patrick Stewart, born in near by Mirfield (Star Treks  Captain Jean-Luc Picard) as Chancellor of Huddersfield University, a commitment he carries out with enthusiasm and unwavering support for the university and students.

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One Response to Golcar, Pennine Village…………….

  1. Houses set in the hillside – almost Mediterranian


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