The Bridgewater Canal at Worsley…………..on a fading winters day

I was making my way into Manchester the other day to meet some old colleagues and decided to do a quick detour and have a walk around one of my favourite places, the canal basin at Worsley near Manchester.


The canal was part of my young life for many years and I can even remember diving off bridges in to the dark murk water (God knows what was in there) as a teenager.


I can even remember barges being pulled by horses (yes, unfortunately I am that old) transporting coal between towns. I can also remember the rows of men fishing and the intense rivalry that existed between them……….and the oh, so important “peg” they had drawn along the river bank indicating where they would be positioned (some pegs being much more favoured than others).

I also remember as a teenager running along the canal side on our “forced” cross-country runs at the secondary modern school I attended. There were so many devious tricks we tried to get out of having to do the full run including hiding under bridges, taking short cuts across farmers fields and even resorting to catching a local bus!


The canal basin at Worsley is a wonderful place, full of history and part of this countries industrial heritage, do visit it and see the Bridgewater Canal commissioned by Francis Egerton 3rd Duke of Bridgewater and built by James Brindley.


Many locals refer to the canal as the “cut” which for many years we considered to be a Lancashire “slang” word but as it turns out is the correct technical term as the canal was a “cut in the land”

Do visit and explore if you get an opportunity.

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One Response to The Bridgewater Canal at Worsley…………..on a fading winters day

  1. These once-busy canals provide a glimpse of what we did in the industrial revolution and leave a great heritage for today. Great photos


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