Exeter……….city of many sights (and delights)

 I was in Exeter last weekend to celebrate a friend’s 60th birthday and also enjoy the sights of the city.The birthday party took place at a tea house on the quay and involved sandwiches, cream scones and several different cakes all accompanied by six different teas………….several of them being decaffeinated which, I can’t really see the point of (don’t get me going about decaffeinated coffee!!!!).


 But it was a lovely evening and after our meal we all retired to a local pub to drink locally produced beer.


On the Saturday I took the opportunity to wander around the city, as the weather was absolutely beautiful.The Christmas lights were very tasteful and the city have adopted the “Christmas fair” approach around the cathedral. This was pretty small-scale when compared to somewhere like Manchester where the Christmas fair has taken over most of the city and it is like an assault course to try to get around.


Whilst wandering around I came across a street artist who had carved a couple of dogs in sand and very impressive they were (see photo).


The cathedral remains as majestic as ever and is well worth a visit…….some years ago I saw a concert here by the Hilliard Ensemble and Jan Gabarek which remains one of the finest musical concerts I have ever been to.


In one of the shopping centres a group of students were playing excerpts from West Side Story to an appreciative audience of shoppers to drum up support for a production they were mounting.


It was here that I came across three mischievous looking “trainee Santa’s” sat watching the students and looking as though they were plotting something…………………….


A late lunch at Bills in the city centre was a treat and rounded off the day nicely……………do pay a visit to the city and support the local economy.

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