Christmas Day at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (2013)

Beautiful bright morning so decided to go for a walk at the Sculpture Park at Bretton (just off the M1 at J38).


Hijacked on the way to the car by the two kids opposite, Jimmy and the infamous Mabel who insisted on me looking at all their toys………..and boy, what a roomful they had!


After about 15 minutes managed to wave goodbye to them but not before Mabel had given me two chocolate coins to eat on my trip…….she is not usually so generous with her choccies so I can only assume she has a longer term motive…………..


Arriving at the park to find it shut but managed to find a way in (avoiding the CCTV cameras hopefully) and spent some time just walking through the grounds, alongside the lake and back past many of the sculptures which have made the park famous nationally and internationally.



One of the volunteers at the park I spoke to some time ago informed me that they regularly got visitors from Europe, USA, Japan and India who had made special trips to visit the park because of its international reputation……….many of whom could not believe that it was free to enter the park and visit all the different exhibitions both inside and outside.


The trees by now have lost most of their leaves but there is still a wintry beauty about the place and today the winter’s sun created some beautiful colours and shades.


I find this place one of the most tranquil places on earth, the beauty of the landscape, the permanent sculptures and the visiting exhibitions that both challenge and entertain.

It is one of  Yorkshire’s crown jewels…………..go visit!

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