Abuse of the English Language………….”clichés for the 21st century”

I spend a lot of time listening to the radio and particularly interviews with MPs, Government Officials, Police Officers and the like………….

I suppose I have got used to the drivel often spouted by representatives of such bodies listed above but what “raises the hackles on the back of my neck” is the clichéd inanities used by many of these people.

I have heard numerous MPs interviewed in recent weeks who utter the phrase “I think it is really important………..” at the start of every interview. Of course its bloody important, that is why someone is stood in front of you with a microphone asking for your opinion on the topic.

Another phrase beloved of MPs and government officials is “moving forward…………” usually in the wake of some crisis that they want to put behind them.

The other one that drives me crackers, and it is linked to the previous phrase is “lessons will be learned” This one is beloved of officials when there has been a major crisis or cock up. Think recent cases of children’s deaths that could have been avoided had social services done their jobs properly or the NHS in Staffordshire where several hundred people died unnecessarily because of a bullying culture in the organisation.

What we usually get is a written report followed up by TV interviews when the inane comment “lessons will be learned “ is always muttered. Just how stupid do these people think the general public is?

Another one that rears its ugly head from time to time (perhaps less so these days) is “at this moment in time”…………so beloved of Trade Union Officials being interviewed on TV. Whatever makes them think that it adds gravitas to their statement? Why don’t they just say “now?”

And if I hear Ed Balls start another statement when being interviewed with “well look…………..” I will personally throttle him.

Finally, when did “absolutely” become a substitute for “yes?” On numerous occasions I have asked a question that required a simple yes or no answer and been greeted with the declamation “oh, absolutely”

Please stop the use of these clichés, it is lazy use of the language and drives me to distraction.

Here endeth the sermon for today.

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