Fourteen Budding David Baileys, Two Tutors and a Grey and Wet Day in Roundhay Park, Leeds……..

Having acquired a new DSLR camera about a year ago (Nikon D5100) I decided that it was time to become more aquainted with the technical intricacies of the camera so I enrolled on a one day course for beginners with a company called “Going Digital”. *


Until now I has assumed you needed a BSc in Mechanical Engineering to understand the complexities of the modern sophisticated DSLR given the number of different programmes contained within the camera.


The venue was the Mansion House in Roundhay Park in Leeds and I have to say it was an excellent venue, other than the fact I got lost trying to find it……….


I arrived about 10.15am and greeted my fellow photographers, most were beginners or had a little experience but mainly shooting on “automatic” and we all wanted to learn more about “manual” settings and how to control the camera.

So fourteen of us eventually sat around the table with our two tutors, Pandora and Eve who proceeded to take us through an introduction to effective use of our cameras looking at such issues as control of aperture and shutter speeds. We also looked at some of the technical programmes built into our cameras e.g. white balance.


Short lectures were combined with practical exercises working in small groups or pairs providing support for each other.

The groups were formed by people with similar cameras, I was of course one of the Nikonites, other groups included the Canonites, Sonyites with the odd Panasonic and Samsung thrown in for good measure.


Owing to the dreadful weather in the afternoon (well, it is Yorkshire!) we had limited opportunity to work outside but this in no way inhibited the learning or enjoyment.

The tutors were very patient and understanding and moved between the group offering advice and guidance throughout the day and no one seemed embarrassed by asking, “I don’t understand this”


The workshop finished at 5.00pm with everyone feeling much more positive and confident about using their camera…………..and ready to be let loose upon the world.


Thank you to all the participants who made it such an enjoyable day and in particular Pandora and Eve for their patience, understanding support and encouragement.


I have posted a few photos of the participants undertaking activities on the workshop.



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