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Dyslexia, the debate continues.

Dyslexia is a ‘meaningless label used by middle-class parents who fear their children are being branded stupid’, professor claims Professor Julian Elliott, an educational psychologist and former special needs teacher, said it is clear that some children do have genuine, … Continue reading

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Snowdrops Alongside the Canal…………in February

© Kindadukish

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Alice Herz-Sommer: pianist and oldest known Holocaust survivor dies aged 110

Concert pianist said that optimism and discipline helped her survive two years in concentration camp  Alice Herz-Sommer, who has died at the age of 110. She spent two years in the Theresienstadt concentration camp during the Holocaust. Photograph: Sophia Evans … Continue reading

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The Drive for Equality Continues in Academic Circles………Not Before Time!

“Cambridge academics call for more women professors” Academics want a more female-friendly approach to appointing senior staff More than 50 Cambridge University academics are calling for a different way of making senior appointments to tackle the lack of female professors. … Continue reading

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Do They Know Something I Don’t?

This morning I received a letter from the Local Government Pension Scheme which pays my “employers” pension from my work in the education and health sectors. I get these from time to time informing me of changes in pension payments … Continue reading

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Excellent Customer Service

In recent months I have ranted about the appalling customer service I have experienced in various retail outlets. Well here is the other side of the coin. I decided to finally buy a new lens for my Nikon camera along with … Continue reading

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But I am a Dwarf…………………(you can’t help but laugh)

Ten-year-old boy who claimed he was a dwarf after police saw him driving his parents’ car is caught AGAIN after taking another car. The Norwegian boy who told police he was a dwarf who had forgotten his licence when he … Continue reading

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Psychology for Beginners………………….

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A Brief Hint of Sunlight Over the Pennines……………

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Treat Your Employees Well……………………

Bosses ‘don’t care about my health’ More than half of workers feel their employers do not care about their health and well-being, leading many to consider looking for a new job. More than half of workers feel their employers do … Continue reading

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