Currys / PC World, Rubbish Service…………AGAIN!!!!!!!!


A couple of days ago I called into the Curry’s store in Oldham to check out the cameras they had on sale. At the moment I am looking to purchase a small compact camera and a new telephoto lens for my Nikon D5100 DSLR.

They had a considerable number of small compact cameras on display but when I tried to test a number of them they all had flat batteries. I reckon 75% of the cameras on display needed charging up so were no use to any customer who wanted to test them out.

I then saw a Tamron lens on offer so I asked an assistant if I could examine it and also test it out on one of the Nikon cameras they had on display. He went to get one of the DSLR cameras only to return and inform me that all the batteries were flat in all the Nikon cameras.

Oh, if only customer service looked like this.......

Oh, if only customer service looked like this…….

So as I stood there with an exasperated look on my face he smiled at me, apologised and said this was a frequent problem.

As I walked away I thought, “well I understand that the cameras are constantly being used by customers but surely it is not beyond the realms of possibility that every evening a member of staff was responsible for checking that all the cameras were on charge for the next days business”

As I left the building I spoke to a member of staff at the customer service desk and said “you might want to tell your manager that you have just lost roughly £250.00 worth of business because so many of your cameras are not working”

For anyone who had read my previous blogs you may remember that this was the same store that managed to drop a camera onto the floor that I was interested in several months ago and seemed indifferent to my interest.

And we wonder why the retail sector is in such a mess………….

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