Excellent Customer Service

In recent months I have ranted about the appalling customer service I have experienced in various retail outlets. Well here is the other side of the coin.


I decided to finally buy a new lens for my Nikon camera along with a Hoya UV filter and a new backpack to transport my camera equipment.

So I ordered the following from the internet:-

Sigma 18 – 200 lens from Clifton Cameras (www.cliftoncameras.co.uk)

Hoya UV Filter from Premier Ink Supplies (www.premier-ink.co.uk)

Nikon Backpack from Sharif Photographic Services (www.sharifphotographic.co.uk)

In all three cases the websites were easy to navigate and place an order. I was then sent a confirmation of my order with tracking details.

I needn’t have worried about having to find out where they were as all three items were delivered within 48 hours.

I immediately wrote to each company complimenting them on their customer service and got very nice acknowledgements from each of them. The moral of the story is that I will certainly return to these companies again to purchase items (as they say in marketing terms: it is far easier to retain an existing customer than try to find new ones).

So, very well done the three companies mentioned above, it is obvious they understand that the aim should be, as Tom Peters once put it “don’t just meet your customers expectations but aim to exceed them”

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