Windows Scammers Weapon of Deafness (WSWD)

For he past few weeks I have been plagued with telephone calls reputedly from Microsoft Windows saying that they have detected a problem with my computer.

I am quite familiar with this “scam” but I do get fed up of answering the phone to be greeted by “hello this is Rodney Jones from Microsoft Windows” in a very strong INDIAN accent.

I have repeatedly told them to go away and not ring me again as I know what they are up to, occasionally using “anglo saxon” phrases but nothing seems to have any effect as the calls keep coming.

So now I have adopted two approaches to dealing with them:-

1) I start talking a “cod” Chinese language that I have made up and it confuses the hell out of them, I could hear one young man getting exasperated at my unwillingness to engage in English and eventually put the phone down.

ImageLithuanian Whistle of Mass Destruction (courtesy of Vilnius University)

2) This is my favourite at the moment, I now pick up the phone and if it is the scammers I blow as hard as possible on the little whistle you see above which emanates a shrieking and piercing whistle. It is remarkable how quickly they put the phone down. It hasn’t stopped the scammers but it gives me a certain amount of person al satisfaction that I may have caused untold damage to someones hearing.

I am thinking of getting an old car horn that I can blast down the phone……….now that should be interesting!

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