Chicken Lickin…………it’s a generation thing!

When my daughter was very young we bought lots of children’s books to read to her but the one she became obsessed with was the story of “Chicken Lickin”



Every night she would insist on having the story read to her (usually by me) and after 50+ readings you can imagine how much my enthusiasm had waned for the story. But it was now a ritual and although I tried on occasions to “skip” bits of the story she would immediately know what I was up to and say that I had missed something out so I had to go back and read ALL the story (cunning devils these children).

It is dreadful what parents will get up to, to get out of doing things for their children on occasions but they are no match for the intelligence and awareness of even very young children.

Anyway, my daughter gave birth to a son last September (his name is iPod, long story and too complex to explain) and I was thinking the other day what could I buy for him for my next visit to see him.

Then a thought, I would try to get Chicken Lickin for him so that his mother could read the story to him on a regular basis and possibly go through what I did a good number of years ago.

So I popped in to Waterstones in Huddersfield and asked the two young ladies at the counter if they had ever heard of a children’s book called Chicken Lickin. One smiled at me and said she hadn’t heard of it but would check the computer to see if they did stock it. The other said “just a moment” and went off to the children’s section returning after a couple of minutes with two Chicken Lickin books.

I bought both of them and went away a very happy customer. And it is nice to report that some companies take customer service very seriously and that the two young ladies serving the other day are wonderful ambassadors for the company.

Well done Waterstones!

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