The Disgrace of the Fashion / Modelling Industry


Should Yves Saint Laurent be using ‘seemingly malnourished’ models? Over 45,000 signatures say ‘No’ 

Shannon Bradley-Colleary, a blogger who writes about body image issues, has started an E-petition to convince Yves Saint Laurent’s CEO Francesca Bellettini to stop using “seemingly malnourished” models in the brand’s advertisements.

Bradley-Colleary’s concern was sparked when she saw the advertisement above in the March issue of Vanity Fair. On her blog, she writes: “I think we’ve all become accustomed to seeing women whose bodies are simply animate hangers for clothing. But even with my high tolerance for ultra-thin models this one struck me as particularly cruel.”

And we wonder why young women have “body image” problems when emaciated “Belsen like” women are parading down the catwalks in London, Paris and Milan.

In any other walk of life / industry if you treated people like models are treated you would be prosecuted for physical and psychological abuse.

The fact that this abuse continues couldn’t be anything to do with the fact that it is men who control the industry?

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One Response to The Disgrace of the Fashion / Modelling Industry

  1. mikethepsych says:

    It is a disgrace and it’s the same with most fashion adverts. The fashion industry employs a lot of gay men and you wonder if they want their female models to look as boyish as possible i.e. without natural feminine curves


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