Sod “elf and safety”……..let’s have some fun!

This morning I had the pleasure of taking my seven month old grandson out in his “buggy” for a stroll around the local park. It was a beautiful day and after a quick stop en route for a desperately needed cappuccino (for me, not him!) we arrived at the local park playground which was already occupied by various mothers with children in tow.


What was lovely to see was that the children were being allowed to go on the swings, climb trees, run around, climb a frame and just generally enjoy themselves.


Thank god there were none of the “elf n safety” brigade to stop them enjoying these activities. When will they realise that kids need to experience and element of risk as this is how they learn. And yes some will fall off various items, and yes they will cry but it is all part of learning “risk assessment” and preparing them for future life.

Some of the kids in my pictures are quite young and although a careful eye was being kept on them by their mother she also gave them the freedom to try different activities.


In this increasingly “risk averse” society that we live in, it is a real pleasure to see that some kids get to experience play that is not controlled or are not being told that virtually everything is out of  bounds because it is too dangerous. The frontier spirit still exists……………for some anyway!

So, kids and parents get out there and take a few risks and enjoy yourselves……………..

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One Response to Sod “elf and safety”……..let’s have some fun!

  1. info4u2bu says:

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    And so say all of us old enough to remember “playing out” for hours on end and only going home when you got hungry!


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