Another Glorious Day at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park


View Looking Back to Bretton Hall

It was another glorious sunny morning and feeling fit and energetic I decided to go to possible my favourite place to visit, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I arrived about 9.45, parked my car in the village of West Bretton and walked down the lovely lane leading to the park, taking in some spectacular views of the Emley TV mast several miles away.


Well, the cheek of it………………..

I timed my arrival at the park perfectly and called into the coffee shop where I felt obliged to buy a piece of Bakewell Tart cake to go with my cappuccino (well I was planning quite a hike around the park). Twenty minutes later I set off on my walk in the direction of the lake and encountered some new sculptures in the park. This is one of the beauties of the sculpture park in that you never know from one visit to the next what you will encounter at the next turn or in the middle of some bushes.


Do you think this moisteurising cream is a bit on the heavy side………….”

I also encountered a Robin, which was not in the least disturbed by my presence and even flew closer to me so that I could get some photographs. Apparently, the birds in the park are used to people and will fly into an open hand if it contains food (so I was reliably told).


OK here is the deal, I pose nicely and you give me the food……………..

I stopped to take photographs along the way, as this is a place I never get tired of photographing, every visit offers you something different in terms of the colours and shades of the flora and fauna. Spring has come early this year so the trees are already in bud, the daffodils are a little past their best but the blossom has appeared on a number of trees and some wonderful looking “catkins” have appeared on the willow trees.


But dad, I said a little rocking horse not a bloody Trojan Horse……………..!

As I made my way along the far side of the lake I came across a couple who, I initially though were fishing but as I came up to them I could see they both had cameras (very good ones) with enormous telephoto lenses. I stopped to chat and found that they were both very keen photographers and specialised in photographing birds in flight.


Noisy Herons and Canada Geese……………

This explained their position, which was opposite the “heronry” on the little island in the centre of the lake. They were capturing the birds as they took off and came into land. The herons are breeding at present and there is a lot of noise and fights over territory and this is exacerbated by the presence of Canada Geese, which seems to go berserk at the slightest thing.


I think it’s an Henry Moore or possibly a piece of junk left in the field…………….

I made my way around the lake, came across a pigeon that was doing a bit of modeling then climbed back up the hill towards the central building containing coffee bars, a restaurant and shops. After a brief respite for another cappuccino taken on the upper veranda of the centre (with excellent views) I visited the shop and purchased several items (book for grandson, tile and card) then set off back to the car.


I said walk this way………………

I had been there just under three hours and by now the park was becoming very busy. Lots of families who had come for the day, often with picnics, and where there is plenty of space for young children to play safely.


A nice cup of “char” and a “fat rascal”………what more could a man ask for?

Photographs © Kindadukish 2014



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2 Responses to Another Glorious Day at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

  1. Mike says:

    What’s a fat rascal?


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