To the Frozen North (well, Scotland that is!) and adventurous children!

I recently travelled up to Scotland to see some friends in Glasgow but decided to stop off en route to explore the countryside and stay overnight in a small B&B.


My journey took in the Lake District (but more about that in another blog) and then the countryside along the Solway Firth. Unfortunately, in the latter part of the day the rain came down so my sightseeing was extremely limited.


I got up on the Monday morning after a comfortable night at the B&B, had an excellent breakfast then set off for Glasgow on what could only be described as a “dank and wet” morning. I drove alongside Castle Loch (at Lachmaben) and then decided to stop and take some photographs even though the visibility was not brilliant. I parked the car and walked down the lane to the Loch shore when I saw a couple of vehicles pull up carrying canoes.


Out jumped the instructors followed by about 10 children about the age of 10 (I could be way out with this as I am hopeless at estimating ages) all geared up to go on the lake. The water on the loch was beautifully calm and the kids seemed quite excited about their adventure.

Image They all had life jackets, high visibility vests and helmets on so were all geared up. I took some photographs of the lake and the kids getting ready but had to depart before they actually got on the lake. But it was so good to see young children doing something active, which had a small element of risk but would be challenging for them. I spoke to one of the adults who turned out to be a teacher who informed that is was a school activity.

Image Bravo that school for not wrapping kids in cotton wool?


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