Glasgow Visit for Foodies…………..continued

As a lover of good food and wine I usually take every opportunity to explore “delis” and wine shops whenever I visit a city or town. So on my recent trip to Glasgow I was taken to a cheese shop by my friend Fiona who informed me that they had an excellent choice of cheeses, both British and Continental. After a swift cappuccino en route we arrived at George Mewes cheese emporium on Byres Road and the view upon entry to the shop is enough to make any foodie, and particularly cheese lovers salivate with lust. DSC_0208Stacked along the counter are cheeses from all over the UK (although I did point out they did not have any “tasty Lancashire” which is a grave omission but forgivable given the rest of the cheeses on display). The lady in the shop was wonderfully accommodating and insisted that we try several cheeses before purchase. We bought several and I asked her to recommend a Scottish cheese to bring back to Yorkshire with me, so she said try Anster. DSC_0209‘Anster’ cheese is hand-made on the farm – to a traditional recipe – by Jane Stewart, using unpasteurised milk from her husband Robert’s herd of home-bred Holstein Friesian cows. This new cheese is fresh and dry, with an almost crumbly texture, which dissolves in the mouth to leave a full-flavoured finish. And yes, it was excellent, wonderful taste and texture the only problem is that once you start eating it you suddenly find you have consumed the best part of half a pound of cheese………….drink it with a good full-bodied red (Rioja, Priorat or a good Chianti Classico). DSC_0205So if you are ever along Byres Road in the West End, do drop into George Mewes cheese shop and savour the wonderful cheeses on display.

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3 Responses to Glasgow Visit for Foodies…………..continued

  1. info4u2bu says:

    Reblogged this on ulearn2bu.


  2. kelvinway says:

    ” Byers Road” – Byres Road is the correct spelling. Great cheese shop, with this one and I.J. Mellis on Gt Western Rd west enders are spoiled for choice.


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