Helena Costa strikes a blow for women in the “macho” world of football.

French second division side Clermont Foot have named Helena Costa as their new coach. The 39-year-old will become the first female to manage in the top two divisions of a major European league. Costa is currently in charge of the Iran women’s team and has previously coached the women’s sides of Qatar and Benfica. She has also scouted for Scottish champions Celtic.


A Clermont statement read: ‘Helena Costa will coach Clermont Foot next season.
‘It should help the club enter a new era. ‘Costa has come through the ranks of Benfica’s coaching staff, although she has also managed the women’s teams of Qatar, Iran and Odivelas (a Portuguese second division women’s side).
‘In addition she worked as a scout for Celtic. Olivier Chavanon – who has great experience and knowledge of the club – will join her as a sporting director.’
Clermont are 14th in Ligue 2 with two matches to go.

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2 Responses to Helena Costa strikes a blow for women in the “macho” world of football.

  1. Roger says:

    I see you have this tagged under ‘ discrimination ‘. Care to elaborate?


    • kindadukish says:

      Yes, I am happy to. There is such a macho culture in football than any woman trying to make her mark either playing or in another professional role is likely to face hostility and potential discrimination. One has only to look at the comments made by two TV commentators here in the UK about a female asistant referee or the comment by an ex-Manchester United manager that women shouldnt be playing fottball but at home in the kitchen.
      As the father of a girl (now a woman into her 30s) I feel very strongly about the barriers that many women come up against in society, try reading some of my rants, sorry that should be blogs about the way female conductors are treated in the classical music field.
      So it is good to see a French football club “breaking the mould” in appointing this woman to an important coaching role…………..and she will be judged purely on her success or failure.
      Hope that helps.


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