Golcar Lily Day and a Musical Extravaganza…………………..




Golcar Lily day is a festival put on each year in the village in which I live, perched on the Pennine Hills in West Yorkshire.

DSC_0070It is a relatively small scale affair but does include stalls selling food and goods, “morris dancing” and brass bands from the local area, and a steam tractor which was drawing admiring looks from the locals (echoes of Fred Dibnah). The festival is usually well supported often despite the uncertainties of pennine weather and yesterday was no different. Lots of people who enjoyed bright sunshine one minute and ten minutes later were sheltering form heavy showers……..but after all it is Yorkshire in spring!



This year I had been invited to attend concert at a local church given by various children’s groups so off I went, camera at the ready to try to get some photographs.

I arrived at just gone 10.00am and caught the performance of a big band, followed by a string orchestra, a younger end band and a very inexperienced but enthusiastic string group. It was really refreshing to see children of all ages playing music and thoroughly enjoying it………….not to mention the many proud parents in the audience holding cameras or mobile phones to capture their offsprings in action.

One father said to me “it could be a long morning today” to which I replied “I remember sitting through two and half hours of recorder music at my daughters junior school to hear her play for approximately four minutes…………now that is above and beyond the call of parental duty”………..we then both smiled!


Later in the day I went along to another church to hear an eclectic band play “klezmer” music to a very appreciative audience, not least the kids at the front of the stage who were indulging themselves in some very strange dancing (something akin to “dad dancing”).


DSC_0086So, a good day all round…………lots of excellent music, committed kids playing their heart out, proud parents and the thought that the tradition of music making in the Colne Valley seems to be in safe hands for the future




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