How are the mighty fallen………especially when you tell porkies!


This is the face of a man who has just overseen the worst performance of the LibDems in election history. Interestingly enough I received a visit from a representative of the local LibDem party asking for my vote. I looked him straight in the face and asked a simple question “why should I vote for a party led by a man who is a liar?”…I was of course referring to the platform that Nick Clegg fought the last General Election i.e. his commitment that his party would fundamentally oppose imposition of student fees for university tuition.

So what happens when he is invited to join the coalition, he rolls over and lets David Cameron to tickle his belly and he immediately agrees to the imposition of fees. His explanation was that he did not think that the economic situation was as bad as he thought (where the hell had he been for the two previous years?)

So the interesting thing will be to see how long he can hang on to the leadership of the LibDem party……………(whatever you sow, so shall you reap).

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