Hippo Heads for Rio…………………


Mexican police were called to help with an unusual situation in Tlajomulco de Zunigaa in the state of Jalisco.  A hippopotamus was seen wandering aimlessly through the streets. But, it seems the half-tonne animal wasn’t alone. A man who said he kept the animal at his home was not too far away.

The man told police the animal wandered off into the streets when he let it out of its cage for a walk in the park. After some coaxing, police surrounded the hippo and guided it into a cage. Officers then arrested the man, who didn’t have the documentation to prove he was the owner. A local circus has since come forward claiming they own the animal.

When interviewed later the hippo claimed that he had left home to catch a bus to Rio to arrive in time for the start of the world cup as he was a great fan of Didier Drogba. He also said that he managed to order tickets “on line” for several matches but was worried about getting through the turnstiles at several grounds. Despite this setback, he says he will try again to get the bus and if not may have to spend a little bit more and get on a “jumbo” jet to his destination.

In the photograph above he can be seen practicing his chant of “Didier, Didier” and lets face it no one is going to argue with him……….


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