Top Secret Test Drive of New Audi R8

On a recent visit to Konstanz in Germany I came across the test outing for the new Audi R8. It was being driven by a couple of very young “petrol heads” under the supervision of the German “Stig” (Top Gear fans will know what I am on about).


So secret was the test drive that it was being done in a little back street in Konstanz away from the prying eyes of motor journalists. The two young drivers seemed very im pressed with the performance of the car but when approached they declined to comment.

The German “Stig” was  equally unforthcoming about the car but did say that it was still at very early days of the design stage and what eventually came into the roads could look very different.


So as I sat there drinking my ice-cold beer in a small bar on the banks of Lake Constance I thought “I wonder if I will ever be able to afford to buy an Audi?”

And the inevitable answer is “no”……………..

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