Hotel Petershof, Konstanz……….avoid like the plague!!!!!!


Booked a 6-night stay to attend a conference with a colleague and charged “top dollar” for a poky little room which could just about get the bed in. I had specifically asked for a double bed and got two single divans pushed together which was very uncomfortable.

There is no air conditioning and on the first two days it was 33c, on the second day they managed to rustle up a fan. I was in Room 111, which was directly over the guest’s sitting space in the garden and thus noisy.

A couple of the female staff were very good but the rest had a studied air of indifference and surly disposition, twice I was told I could not eat in the back breakfast room for no good reason (on one occasion the young woman trying to stop me was over-ruled by a colleague).

The internet was down most of our visit and a receptionist told us that the internet provider had not turned up to fix it on several occasions (reading previous reviews it would seem that this has been a problem for a long time).

The hotel bar is closed from 3.00 – 5.00pm every day so there is nowhere to get a drink and there are no tea / coffee making facilities in the rooms, we ended up going to the local Ibis Hotel for tea.

Breakfast selection is pretty good as long as you don’t mind eating as though you were participating in the rush hour. There is very little space where the food is laid out so if you get more than about 3 – 4 guests serving themselves (no waitress service) it becomes a bit of a scramble.

We returned to hotel one afternoon (Sunday) and went down to the bar at opening time of 5.00pm only to be told they had decided to close the bar and restaurant and open on the Monday instead (the hotel advertises outside the hotel that the restaurant is open Wednesday to Sunday inclusive). This was very inconvenient, as we had planned to eat at the hotel and now had to go and find a restaurant in town. We asked why no notice had been put up that it was going to be closed but no one had apparently had the foresight to do that.

We made representation to the receptionist and asked to see the manager but were told that there was no manager on duty, not even a duty manager. We then asked for our complaint to be passed to the manager, which she agreed to do. No one bothered to contact us during our stay to discuss the issue.

The final straw came on our last night when we asked to book a taxi to take us to the station the following day. The young man dealing with us did not have the slightest interest in what we wanted and we had to correct him three times so that he got the time of our departure right.

I wrote a list of our complaints and asked for it to be copied and handed to the senior management at the hotel and asked that they respond to the issues I had raised, 7 days after my return to UK no response from management, not even an acknowledgement to say they were investigating.

This “hotel” and I use the description guardedly is in my opinion no more than a glorified Bed and Breakfast place. The interior desperately needs updating, the carpet on the stairs is shabby and the décor in room 111 was brown brush strokes on whitish paint (I think the term shabby chic comes to mind).

A good number of staff need training in “providing excellent customer service” as would appear do the management.

If you need to stay this side of the river try the Ibis, which is functional, but a damned sight better than this place.

PS Dont be fooled by the official photographs on their website, they flatter to deceive!

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1 Response to Hotel Petershof, Konstanz……….avoid like the plague!!!!!!

  1. mikethepsych says:

    Having no internet connection when you are away on business is a real problem and not being able to get late night drinks or make a drink in your room was poor too. My room overlooked the street so I got very little sleep the first couple of nights as I had my windows open (it was 33c during the day) and was disturbed by the noise from tourists late at night and early morning traffic.

    Some of the staff were friendly and helpful but no response from management at all.


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