Keep The Faith………Wigan Casino and Northern Soul

I Was doing a little Youtubing the other day and by chance came across this video with a song by Raphael Saadiq called “Love that girl” and it immediately took me back to the Friday night sessions I used to attend at Wigan Casino in the late 60s with my then girlfriend (JJ you know who you are). _70025077_wigan I used to wear a suit with 22” flares and a jacket with a single centre vent which stretched halfway up my jacket………oh, the impetuousness of youth but those now in their mid 60s will know what I am talking about. NS_fist_logo We went to Wigan Casino because it was only a half hour bus ride away and the nearest club that played the kind of music we liked. I can remember being introduced to Chuck Woods “seven days too long” and Jackie Wilsons “higher and higher’ both brilliant dance records ands also remember seeing the Drifters perform live on several occasions (I think Johnny Moore was singing lead vocals at the time).   Back to the song, which I think the song is excellent but at the same time it sounded a little too “smooth and sophisticated” compared to usual northern soul sounds and it was only when a friend of mine pointed out he had recently bought the album with this on and that it was a modern artist that I realized why it sounded “smooth.”

Anyway, enjoy the music and the wonderful dancing by a true northern soul enthusiast in the video……………..KTF.

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