Prince Charles the ultimate N.E.E.T.

The Prince of Wales tried to influence government decisions in areas including grammar schools expansion and GM crops, former Labour cabinet ministers reveal.



This is the man who at the age of 65 is still waiting for his first job appointment. Whilst most people in the UK are looking forward to winding down at that age here is a man who has never done a real days work in his life. One could argue that he is the ultimate NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training as defined by HMG) In addition to this he has the managed to achieve the following:-

  • Look and sound 40 years older than he ever was (he looked 50 when he was 18)
  • Wears a kilt when he goes to Scotland (though god knows why?)
  • Got into Cambridge University with A level grades that no other candidate would have gained entry with
  • Didn’t have he balls to stand up to his father (Prince Philip) when he really wanted to marry Camilla in the first place
  • Thinks that anything built after 1750 is a “monstrous carbuncle” when in fact modern British architects win international projects worldwide
  • Talks to plants in the belief that it helps them grow (I understand many of the plants are now having psychotherapy)
  • Waxes lyrical over “green issues” and “climate change” when he knows sod all about either topic (and continues to jet all over the UK on “official visits”)
  • Advocates that the government should support “alternative medicine” through the NHS e.g. homeopathy, when we all know it is “snake oil” medicine
  • Has a valet to squeeze his toothpaste onto the brush prior to cleaning his teeth (I kid you not)
  • Opposes GM crops without having any scientific understanding (let alone qualifications) of the subject and fails to understand how these could help alleviate third world hunger
  • Was incapable of showing any emotional feeling to his sons as they grew up (Princess Diana can be criticised for many things but not lack of parental support and display of affection for her sons)

And to think that he will be the next monarch of the UK…………………what have we done to deserve such a fate?


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