Streetlife in Konstanz

On my recent visit to Konstanz in Germany I spent a considerable time wandering around the old town simply to take in the wonderful architecture of the city.  Konstanz is situated on Lake Constance (the Bodensee in German). The Rhine river, which starts in the Swiss Alps, passes through Lake Constance and leaves it, considerably larger, by flowing under a bridge connecting the two parts of the city.


During my visit I got talking to a local resident who told me a story about the city during WW2.  She told me that because it almost lies within Switzerland, directly adjacent to the Swiss border, Konstanz was not bombed by the Allied Forces during World War II. The city left all its lights on at night, and thus fooled the bombers into thinking it was actually part of Switzerland. After the war, Konstanz was included first in South Baden and then in the new state of Baden-Württemberg.


Compare this to Friedrichshafen just across the lake which had 92% of its infrastructure destroyed by RAF and USAF bombers during the war.


On my last night in the city I was wandering along one of the narrow streets and came across a group of locals sat outside a very classy art / poster shop. As you can see from the photo it was a very sunny evening and the three ladies were enjoying glasses of wine (rather large glasses)………after an initial reluctance to be photographed they eventually agreed and I have to admit it was down to the persuasive skills of my colleague (he is such a silver tongued old devil!).


Konstanz is a wonderful city and makes a brilliant centre to base yourself to visit the towns and villages around the lake, but do note that Sunday is “shut down” day and very little is open in the town centre other than bars, cafes and restaurants.


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  1. Mike says:

    They seemed nice ladies and a shame not to include them in our photo journal


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