Save me from this “woo woo”

ImageA study has found common attributes between people who enjoy certain types of coffee. Clinical psychologist Dr Ramani Durvasula conducted an observational study of 1,000 coffee drinkers, and assessed numerous personality styles and psychological traits including introversion and extraversion; patience; perfectionism; warmth and sensitivity among others. Here were her findings…

Cappuccino If you love these extra-foamy coffee they you’re more likely to be obsessive and a little controlling. Like an extra shot with your cappuccino? Then you’re also very detail-oriented.

Latte These are the people-pleasers of the world, they like to be liked and will say yes to anyone anytime, anywhere, they also display slightly neurotic traits.

Black coffee No milk for you? You’re more likely to be the ‘no-nonsense’ individual, very straightforward – you like things simple. But you can be quiet and moody.

Instant coffee These coffee drinkers are likely to be procrastinators, very laid back in their approach to life and are more likely to put things off until the last minute.

Iced coffees You’re the trend setters of the pack. You’re considered socially bold, and an ‘overgrown kid’. You don’t make healthy choices and could be considered reckless. So, which coffee drinker are you?


Is it me or is this one of the most useless pieces of research you can imagine and how do people manage to get funding for utterly pointless projects. If this is the best that clinical psychologists can find to occupy their time then they are severely underemployed!

What next, an in depth quantitive and qualitative research project to examine the impact of “fruit smoothies” and whether grapefruit is the cause of underlying personality disorders such as ADHD?

I did a little research about Dr Durvasula ( and she has a very impressive academic pedigree) and came across this – As Dr. Durvasula notes, despite the interesting and impressive qualitative research that was gathered “we are no more defined by our coffee orders than we are by our astrological signs.” It is quite possible you may be a controlling latte drinker or a Type A black coffee drinker. If people were so easy to pigeonhole, life would not only be boring, but less complicated and challenging as well.

So, effectively the research tells us “sweet bugger all” (as we say in Lancashire)

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2 Responses to Save me from this “woo woo”

  1. Mike says:

    Just glad she was only a clinical psychologist. They should stick to therapy in my view!


  2. kindadukish says:

    God forbid that a business psychologist should ever get involved with such a project!


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