A sunny day out…………………YSP

The sky was blue, the weather hot and so it was off to my favourite place, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park at Bretton Hall in West Yorkshire.


I arrived at the park around 9.50 and went to have a cappuccino in preparation for my walk around the lake. As I sat outside the café two coachloads of school children arrived on what I assume is the end of term “what can we do with them to keep them occupied?” and also to introduce them to a bit of culture.


After finishing my coffee I ambled down to the lake, taking in the beautiful colours of the trees, shrubs and flowers on display. People from these parts often refer to Yorkshire as “Gods own country” and when you walk around the park it is difficult to disagree with them.


I did a complete circuit of the lake and took in the breath taking views across the lake of Bretton Hall itself, the island in the middle of the lake which until recently was populated by Herons raising their chicks and a variety of wildlife on the lake itself including a family of Swans and their cygnets.


For any photographer the park is a delight because no matter how many times you visit, there is always something new to see and personally, I never get tired of photographing the park and its surroundings.


After a short visit to the centre shop (well worth a visit but items are expensive) I went to the underground gallery to see the display of Ursula Von Rydingsvards work. Inspired by everyday environments and objects, she has developed a personal artistic language using raw materials to create sculpture that reveals the mark of the maker.


What was also pleasing is that YSP have changed their policy and now allow the public to take photos in the galleries unless an artist specifically refuses for copyright reasons.

As I wandered back through the park there were families having picnics, kids running around, older people taking a gentle stroll and quite a number of amateur photographers making the most of a beautiful day and wonderful surroundings.


It does not matter whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, the park has a distinct and unique beauty at any time of year…………..and I am very lucky to have it on my doorstep so that I can visit regularly.



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