Sexist it may be……….but it is bloody funny!


The above cartoon was put out by West Midlands Police as a bit of a light hearted joke, but inevitably the humourless PC brigade have taken “offence”…..the following is a report of the response to the cartoon

There was outcry from equality campaigners and social media users after the tweet showing a female car passenger gagged and bound to a chair was shared on Monday.

The officer who posted the tweet from the Bordesley Green Police account of West Midlands Police wrote: “A car designer has won an award for designing a seatbelt which helps to cut down on vehicle noise pollution #IWantOne.”

A banner above the picture read: “New Seatbelt design: 45% less car accidents!!”

Sandra Horley, chief executive of national domestic violence charity Refuge, said in a statement: “I am disappointed that West Midlands Police tweeted this sexist image – and then tried to pass it off as a bit of ‘humour’.  “Did the police officer who tweeted this image really think that women would laugh at this offensive sexist stereotype? Female members of the public deserve respect, not ridicule.

“It is deeply disturbing that some police officers in West Midlands seem to possess such derogatory attitudes towards women.” The tweet was soon removed from the social media account, but in a further blunder an apology littered with spelling errors was posted.

It read: “Apologese (sic) to any persons the last tweet upset it was put on as a bit of humour not meant to upset anybody apologese (sic) again.”

The bungling tweet was then replaced with an amended version, free of spelling errors.

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