Southern softies……..half an inch of rain and it is front page news

‘The roads are now rivers of hail’: Storm described as ‘zombie apocalypse’ brings chaos to morning rush-hour in British cities


The above was the front page of the Daily Mail today (18 July 2014) and reading it and looking at the images you would have thought armageddon had arrived. Instead after further reading you find that they had “lightning” “hailstones” and a bit of “local flooding”………….well, summer storms are quite natural (and normal).

I would venture to suggest that if this had happened 10 miles north of the M25 you would have seen not a thing about it in the newspaper. But if anything happens in the south and particularly London then it suddenly becomes front page news.

No wonder “us lot up north” get a little cheesed off with the Londoncentric news…………

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