Yorkshire Day, 1st August 2014


As today is officially “Yorkshire Day” I thought I would take this opportunity to wish all the best to  my colleagues, friends and family who happen to have been born in the “white rose” county (not least my daughter).

For those of you not familiar with Yorkshire and its language I have listed below common words that are used in the county and what they translate as, some Lancastrians may already know these as they originated in the Red Rose county.

Sample Yorkshire Slang

Yorkshire Term Translation
Allus Always
Bonce Head
Chuffed Pleased; excited
Daft as a brush Stupid
Eeh by gum Oh my God
Fettle To tidy or mend
Guff Fart
In’t In the
Jammy Lucky
Kegs Pants or underwear
Lavvy Toilet
Missen Myself
Nouse Sense
Owt Anything
Put wood in’th oyle Shut the door
Radged Angry
Reasty Rancid
Starved Very cold
Ta Thank you
Unkerd Strange
Vexed Angry
Waint Won’t
Yoon Oven

So, a happy Yorkshire Day to all those in “Gods own country” but let us remember who won the “war of the roses” and which rose features as the national emblem of England………


Of course I have to mention this because although domiciled in Yorkshire for the last 36 years (very happily I may add) there still beats the heart of a proud Lancastrian deep inside (you can take the lad out of Lancashire, but you can’t take Lancashire out of the lad).

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One Response to Yorkshire Day, 1st August 2014

  1. info4u2bu says:

    I thought you’d turned into a Tyke for a few moments until I read to the end!


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