James Foley (Journalist)…………murdered by Islamic thugs


So we see again what the followers of Islam are prepared to do in advancing the cause of a perverted religion.

 A journalist  James Foley, (non-combatant) is taken out and beheaded by a British “wannabee” jihadist simply because the journalist comes from a country that the jihadists disapprove of and dislike even more the fact that the USA is bombing ISIS to protect the Yazidis, Christians and Kurds of northern Iraq.

So let us review the kind of world that we would be subject to, should the “caliphate” be created:-

  • Non-muslims must convert to Islam, pay a tax or be killed
  • Slavery is permissible according to the Koran
  • Women can be gang raped for so called adultery
  • Similarly they can be stoned to death for similar offences
  • Honour killing of women is permissible where they are perceived to have “dishonoured” the family
  • Women will have to wear the veil and will not be allowed out unless accompanied by a related male
  • Women will not be allowed to follow a chosen career
  • Women will not be allowed to travel unless they have the permission of their husband or male family member
  • Throwing acid in the faces of young girls who simply desire an education is a novel way of discouraging them
  • Let young women burn to death in a school because they were not wearing veils and the “religious police” would not let them leave the building
  • Gays will at best be imprisoned but more likely be hanged
  • Severing of limbs will be de rigeur for petty offences
  • Boys and girls will be educated separately
  • Modern scientific thinking will be denounced and banned as it is contrary to the Koran (watch Richard Dawkins on YouTube try to convince muslim 6th form students of the evidence for the “theory of evolution”)
  • Each county would become a theocratic dictatorship (as Islam does not understand the concept of democracy, free speech and the freedom to oppose)

Now I don’t know about you, but the above do not particularly appeal to me but we have to acknowledge that there are some people in British society WHO DO support such ideas, hence the 500+ people who have gone from these shores to fight with ISIS.

So now I am waiting for the hundreds, if not thousands of “moderate muslims” (as we are constantly told that they oppose such killings) to turn out and demonstrate in London against the taking of an innocent life by the muslim terrorists, after all they turned out in thousands to demonstrate against Israel and their so called treatment of the Palestinians…………….I think I am in for a long wait!

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2 Responses to James Foley (Journalist)…………murdered by Islamic thugs

  1. And don’t forget these restrictions: no music at weddings and covering up your goat’s genitals


  2. kindadukish says:

    My god, I had forgotten about the goat’s genitals………………


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