Theme Songs / Music for Professions………………….

In todays modern world many people like to form themselves into groups and the “Professions” are no exception. Moreover, virtually every kind of work group now has its own professional group, trade association or some other representative body that speaks on their behalf.


It does strike me that each vocational group should have its own theme song or piece of music and this set me thinking. So in no particular order I have come up with the following:-

Career Consultants                I’m on the road to nowhere (Talking Heads)

Builders                                  Concrete and clay (Unit 4+2)

Royal Navy                              I am sailing (Rod Stewart)

IT Consultants                         OK Computer (Radiohead)

Psychologists                          It’s only make believe (Conway Twitty)

Teachers                                 Schools out (Alice Cooper)

Quantum Theorists                  Mathematics (I am Kloot)

Astronauts                               Fly me to the moon (Frank Sinatra)

Street Cleaners                       Dust my broom (Elmore James)

Royal Air Force                       Jet (Paul McCartney) or Dam Busters March

Funeral Directors                    Whiter shade of pale (Procol Harum)

Circus Clowns                         Send in the clowns (Judy Collins)

Lawyers                                  Theme from “Jaws”

Vicars                                      I’m a believer (The Monkeys)

Priests                                     Temptation (Heaven 17)

Nuns                                        Sisters of mercy (Leonard Cohen)

Jewellers                                 Shine on you crazy diamond (Pink Floyd)

Wine Merchants                      Little old wine drinker me (Dean Martin)

Spiritualists                              Ghost town (Specials and Fun Boy Three)

Counsellors                             Do you want to know a secret (Billy J Kramer)

Train Drivers                            Long train running (Doobie Brothers)

Nurses                                     Everybody hurts (R.E.M.)

Tax Collectors                         Taxman (The Beatles)

Psychotherapists                     Always look on the bright side of life (Monty Python)

Marxist Revolutionaries           The revolution will not be televised (Gil-Scott Heron)

Ballroom Dancers                   Save the last dance for me (The Drifters)

Indian Restauranteurs             Kashmir (Led Zeppelin)

I will leave you with these to ruminate over and no doubt you will come up with your own ideas (probably much better than mine)……………but I will return to continue the list at a later date,

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3 Responses to Theme Songs / Music for Professions………………….

  1. mikethepsych says:

    I thought your choice for psychologists was a bit wide of the mark more suited to drag artists so here’s a top 40 list of songs about psychology including “Crazy” and “You were always on my mind”


  2. kindadukish says:

    Excellent lists, I think I like the Gordon Lightfoot song the best in relation to psychologists………


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