More themes……………….

Traffic Police Theme Music: Autobahn by Krafwerk

Traffic Police Theme Music: Autobahn by Krafwerk

After a meeting with my psycholgy colleague this morning we came up with some more theme songs / music after a lengthy breakfast over bacon and egg sandwiches and lots of cappuccinos, so here goes……….I would point out that the more dodgy and risque ones are the ones my colleague came up with:-

Speech Therapist                             Um, um, um , um, um, um ( Major Lance )

Gardener                                          Good yeasr for the roses ( George Jones )

Marriage Guidance Counsellor         Youve lost that lovin feeling ( Righteous Brothers )  

Makeup Artist                                    Forever young ( Bob Dylan )

Positive Psychologist                         I feel fine ( Cream)

Opthalmologists                                 I can see for miles ( The Byrds )

Translators                                         Don’t let me be misunderstood ( The Animals )

Urologists                                           Burning love ( Elvis Presley)

Druids                                                 A pagan place ( The Waterboys )

Lifecoach                                           I can change ( John Legend )

Pig Farmer                                          I loves you porg(k)y ( Nina Simone )

Scaffholders                                       If I fell ( The Beatles )

Chicken Plucker                                 Little red rooster ( Howlin Wolf )

Spiritualist                                          You raise me up ( Josh Groban )

F1 Driver                                            Life in the fast lane ( The Eagles)

So endeth the list for today………….but do doubt there will be more to come!

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