Leadership……….it’s not complex.

On my recent visit to Bletchley Park (see previous blog) I came across a short biography / CV of one of the leading protagonists involved in the code breaking, Brigadier John Tiltman. He was obviously a very talented man having been offered a place at Oxford University at the age of 13. Whilst on a posting to the Far East he taught himself Japanese to a level that enabled him to break Japanese military codes.

Brigadier John Tiltmans Biography

Brigadier John Tiltmans Biography

But what really interested me as a management trainer was the third bullet point on the list which says simply “ he was amongst the very nicest of Bletchley Park code breakers, always keen to give credit and thanks to his staff, and treating his own great work as luck.”

It seems to me that modern leaders and leadership gurus could well take some time to read this and recognise that good leadership is not “rocket science” but really about how you treat people. And this descriptor of Tiltman is about how he operated back in the early 1940s.

So forget all the ramblings about Charismatic, Transforming, Relational, Transformational leadership and remember that leadership is about treating people with consideration, empathy, dignity and respect……….good old fashioned values but something we seem to have lost sight of today.

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