Middle East conflict and some salutary facts…………….


All those trendy “lefties” and Islam supporters may like to gaze upon the above statistics and ask “why do the muslims keep killing each other on such a scale?”

The fact is that Islam is NOT a religion, never has been and never will be, it is a political ideology that preaches intolerance, witness the treatment of Yazidis and Christians recently and cruelty, witness the beheadings of the two journalists recently……….didn’t see the marchers out in London over these atrocities!

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2 Responses to Middle East conflict and some salutary facts…………….

  1. khendradm says:

    Sadly, we probably won’t see any marches in the West over what’s going on in Israel. 😦 Where I live (Missouri in the US), there was much protest (some peaceful, and some involving looting or worse) over the shooting death of a black male by the police, yet we still don’t know all the details of the context of what happened there either way – whether the policeman was really at fault, or if the male was actually reaching for the policeman’s gun at the time, etc. (we don’t know).

    What I’ve learned is, if it’s not local, or it doesn’t involve someone of the same race/gender/nationality etc., it’s difficult for people to act in response. Far easier to support or protest things with which we have some “identity” at stake, whether the support or protest is merited or not. In the case of Israel, I think there is not nearly enough support, from the West or otherwise.


  2. kindadukish says:

    Thank you for your considered and analytical response, I have to say that I agree with the main thrust of your comments and I doubt we will ever know what “really” happened in the shooting of the young black male. Fortunately, we do not (yet!) have the gun culture you have in the USA nor do we have an organisation like the NRA which seems to have such influence on the political parties.
    As regards Israel, there seems to be a growing anti-semitism here in Europe whilst turning a blind eye to the genocidal, and I do not use that word lightly, policy of Hamas whose stated aim is to wipe Israel from the map and kill as many Jews as possible.


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